After Kenneth (Peanuts) Beaty passed away some of the Beaty Feist owners wanted to make sure the Beaty Feist was bred the way that Kenneth (Peanuts) had always bred them. Jeffrey Wood, Charlie Benton and Frankie Altizer all owned Beaty Feists from Kenneth and Ruby Beaty and breeds the way Kenneth bred them. These three people organized the Beaty Mtn. Feist Registry to assure that the Beaty Feist stayed true to the breeding and Beaty Stock Registry for the cross breeding of the Beaty Feist.

In the near future we will be adding pictures of the Beaty Mtn. Feists and Beaty Stock along with more information. Please come back and visit us again.
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Beaty Mtn. Feist
Beaty Stock Picture
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"Beaty Mtn. Feist Registry" and "Beaty Stock Registry"
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