American Rat Terrier Registry
Dedicated in Preserving the Hunting Rat Terrier
Rat Terriers have been around for years. The true Rat Terriers are Hunters. They are ratters, game dogs, tree dogs. They can and are used on all types of game. Through out the years Rat Terriers have been bred solely for Pets. Traditional Rat Terrier Registry is not for the pet Rat Terrier, it is to preserve the natural hunting ability of the Rat Terries. As you look around you see less and less true hunting Rat Terriers. This registry wants to make sure the true hunting Rat Terrier has a registry to preserve and promote the hunting lines.

If you have a true hunting Rat Terrier and you want to preserve and promote the American Rat Terriers you are welcome to register your Rat Terriers. If you are breeding just for pets, this would not be the registry for you. If you would like to register your Rat Terrier, use the On-Line registration Form or contact The Registry to have a form mailed to you.

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