Traditional Mountain Cur Registry
Preserving the Old Mtn. Curs and Kemmer Curs

Traditional Mountain Cur Registry is open to ALL Curs. Being Kemmer Stock Curs and/or Original Mtn. Curs. Registration Certificate will state what type/breed of Cur it is. Many Curs have been born in the Original Mtn. Cur club that can not be registered even thou they are true Original Mtn. Curs. They may have two much white or they just don't have the right color. So by not letting them in to be registered they are registered someplace else under some other type of breed, usually as a Treeing Cur. As soon as this happens you start loosing the breed. This will not happen in the Traditional Mountain Cur Registry.

The Traditional Mountain Cur Registry (TMCR) accepts single registration on your Cur, Litter Registrations on your litter and in time we are hoping that some of the Traditional Mountain Cur people will want to have hunts, start clubs and promote the Traditional Mountain Curs. We are looking for a few good Mountain Cur owners to help with putting together hunts in their area.

Registration Certificates have up to 4 generations along with three pictures of the dog in color, height, if the tail is natural or been docked and includes all registration numbers from other clubs/registries. When your Traditional Mountain Cur is proven on game (Squirrel, Coon, Bobcat, Mtn. Lion, etc) it will be entered onto the Registration Certificate.  Registration certificates has a area that includes past owners names and any names the dog may have in the past in known.  All this is important to have on your Mountain Cur.

Once a Traditional Mountain Cur is registered it's name can not be changed. The dogs name always has the breeder or kennel name behind the dogs name.

For registration fees and requirements contact The Hunting Dog Registry.

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