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This page was last updated on: December 27, 2009

The Registry  is striving to preserve ALL breeds of dogs. This can be accomplished by having separate registries for each breed. Some registries have "Stock" in it.  When you see this it means that it is a cross between that breed and another breed/type of dog. This keeps the pure lines straight in each Breed Registry apart from the cross breeds.

Check out the list of registries to the left. New registries are being added all the time.

When a certain breed/type of dog has a new registry just for that certain breed/type only the "Founder" of the breed/type can approve a dog into that registry. If the dog does not meet the standard the founder has set the "Founder" can disapprove the registration.

All people that have dogs being entered into any of "The Registry" registries MUST include three color pictures of their dog at time of registration. One front view and one of each side view (dog standing) of good clear pictures. If no pictures are attached to the registration application the dog will not be registered until the pictures are received. These pictures are entered onto the dogs registration certificate. No color/marking areas on the registration certificates, pictures say it all. Pictures will be returned to you if they are not a digital printed picture.

If you have a type/line of dog that you have bred and developed for years and would like to keep the lines straight contact "The Registry" and we can start a registry just for your type/line of dogs. If you own a breed of dog that you would like to see a registry set up just for that breed we can include it in our inter registries.

"The Registry" works with you.  Your Registration Certificates and Temporary Registration Certificates are back in the mail within 2-10 days once received. We do not believe in having people wait for weeks to receive their papers.

The Registry is located in the Ozark Mountains above Springfield Missouri. If you have any questions, need registration information, registration forms or would like to have a registry started please contact Sharon Jones at The Registry.

All NEW message board for all the people that own hunting breeds registered in "The Registry". A place to meet each other and see what's going on with these fine dogs and to keep up the all the news. Come on over and join  Within "The Registry" Network message board  You will have to set up a Network54 account. Any problems email Sharon at knitehunt@yahoo.com

Note: You will see many registries starting with "Traditional" or "American" in front of them. This means preserving the breed as it was bred and intended for.

ANNOUNCMENT: We are proud to announce the opening of Olde Tyme Rat Terrier Registry. Be watching for a page with registration information.

"The Registry"
for ALL your Dogs Registration needs
All new way to register your dogs. Not just any registry,
a registry that cares about each breed.
Separate registries for each breed or line of dog, not registered all
together in one registry.